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We give joyfully and sacrificially to expand God’s Kingdom.

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The funds given to Ekklesia are used to advance the Gospel and to meet real needs here locally and around the world.

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Ekklesia Christian Church
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Drop off an offering in the collection boxes in the auditorium.

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At Ekklesia, we are passionate about serving our community and spreading the love of Christ. Through our various outreach programs, we have been able to touch the lives of countless individuals, providing them with support, resources, and a helping hand when they need it most. From mentoring youth and comforting the grieving to offering counseling services and educational programs, we are committed to making a tangible difference in our local community.


From the beginning, Ekklesia has experienced continual outgrowth in every sense of the word. We’ve outgrown every space we’ve ever occupied. And each new faith step taken has resulted in more ministry, more impact, and more souls brought to Jesus.

By donating to our Outgrowth Fund, you are directly contributing to the expansion of our impact. Your tax-deductible contributions also help fund building projects, creating spaces that not only serve as places of worship but also as hubs for community engagement and outreach. These facilities enable us to provide even more support, host events, and offer programs that uplift and empower individuals and families in our community.

Every dollar you give will be used purposefully and efficiently, ensuring that it goes towards the fulfillment of our mission. Together, we can amplify the good that Ekklesia Christian Church does, both locally and globally.